Formula field limit reached

We developed a formula to give back a county name depending on the zip code, as you might think, the formula is way too long and we had to split it between two formula fields, it work great and we get the information we needed. However, the formula was made in our test board, when I want to create the same exact formula in another board, it says that the limit has been reached. I understand formula fields have a 10k characters cap, the formula is not even 7K characters long. Any advice or solution or insight on what’s happening?

Hi @JazzCarballo - would it be simpler to have all your County/Zip combinations in a separate board then use a match automation to pull the County across depending on the Zip entered?



This way you are not dealing with lengthy formulas.

Oooh that’s a pretty neat approach! Thanks a lot for your input!! We got the formula working and so far is working great. If changes are needed will for sure try this one.

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