Formula Help for searching two columns to return a result


I am trying to set up a Gross Profit column that takes the following results

Bespoke Price (Numbers Column)
Package Price (Formula Column)

then Subtracts a column called SS Pay if either of the columns/rows if one of these has a figure in it and display blank otherwise.

I keep having issues when i try to introduce anything more than 1 string for the formula for example this works -

IF({Bespoke Price} > 0,{Bespoke Price}-{SS Pay},“”)

but any more than this involving the package price string gives me an invalid parameter for bespoke price. Only one row at a time will have data in, for example there will only be a bespoke price OR package price in a single row.

Hi Matthew,

You can’t use a formula column in a formula, so you’ll have to repeat the formula of your formula column in the new formula.

As far as the rest of the issue if concerned, try something like this:

IF({Bespoke Price}="", Formula - {SS Pay},{Bespoke Price}-{SS Pay})

where you would replace Formula by the formula of your formula column.

This formula takes for granted that if Bespoke Price is empty, the formula is not empty…