Formula Help to calculate Vacation Days Left

Hi there. I am totally new to forumlas and hoping someone can help me out. Currently I have a formula that calculates Vacation Days left, based off Total Vacation Hours Left and number of hours in a work day. The formula is DIVIDE({Vacation Hours Left}, 7.5), which is based off folks working 7.5 hrs a day. This works great, however, the challenge is some folks work 8 hours. I created a column called Work Hours days. Each employee is an item.
Is there a formula that I can use that would divide the vacation hours by the number of Work Hours in a day. And what would that format look like? I tried playing around with the function IF and the column Work Hours, but can’t get it working. :grimacing:


Did you try:
DIVIDE({Vacation Hours Left}, {Work Hours})

I did not and that works! Thanks!

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