Formula to show Next Scheduled Date

Hi Team

I have exhausted google and the community page and can’t seem to find something I was expecting to be quite common.

I have a “Project Overview” and a “Project Details” board. Overview shows the project workflow at a glance with key milestones while to details show every step with scheduled dates for each step, along with the selected milestones mirrored to the overview board.

I’m looking to add a date column to the overview board of the next scheduled day in the workflow so again, at a glance I can see “Project ABC has Stage 5 completed so therefor Stage 6 is scheduled for DATE”

I thought adding a formula Column to the details board and mirroring it across , surely there is a formula to show closest future date to todays date

Interested to know peoples thoughts or work arounds



The devil, as they say, is in the details. Can you provide additional information on the current structure of you boards?


Thanks Jim, I’ll attempt to explain a little further with some screen captures below.

Below is the “Overview board”. A place where I can see at a glance where is project is up to.

Below is my Details Board" with a lot more info, status columns and date columns. This feeds the overview board the key milestones. Project workflow progresses left to right.

What I’m looking to achieve is have a date column on the overview board that is the next date a project has something scheduled in.

For example, project at Lot 205, 41 Madeleine Drive has “Finish Off” scheduled for June 30, while the Date column for Lot 209 would display a missed dead line of June 9.

I hope that makes sense


Here is one solution:

Create 2 formula columns on the details board and mirror the second on the overview board.

Formula 1 (add as many statuses and dates as needed):

MIN(IF(AND({Status1}<>"Done", {Date1}<>""), DAYS({Date1}, TODAY()), 9999), IF(AND({Status2}<>"Done", {Date2}<>""), DAYS({Date2}, TODAY()),9999))

Formula 2:

IF(AND({Formula1}<>"",{Formula1}<>9999), FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS(TODAY(), SUM({Formula1},0.999)), "MMM D, YY"),"")

If you need the Next Date to be an actual date column, I would recommend using an Integromat scenario called with a webhook when any column changes on the details board.