Have vision on next task / next deadline

Hello everyone,

I use Monday as a project management tool, so I have one board per project with tasks in it, and also one dashboard and one portfolio board to report and have an overview.

I would likt to have for each of my project a vision on the next deadline or task upcoming.

Do you know what is the best way to do this ? I was thinking of :

  • A dashboard widget with filter but each time you add a board you need to add filter on the new board in the widgets
  • A filter directly on each project board but I don’t have the overview with this option

Do you have any suggestions ?

Thank you and have a nice day,


hi @corentin.dalfarra

That is an interesting use case. I’m afraid you can’t do this out of the box and you will need either an Integromat scenario or an app to do that. We developed the Rollup Multiple Boards app, see monday.com: Apps Marketplace.

Although this app is very useful for building an overview board (each item in your overview represent a full project board) the recipe to show the next deadline is not there yet. Happy to investigate if we need to build this into the app. Few questions:

  • what is there is an item in your project board that is in the past and not done yet? Should the next deadline be that item or the one coming up from today?
  • do you want to see only the deadline for the item which is the earliest and not set to Done?

Hi @basdebruin

Thank you for your detailed answer,

I think that we already discussed about your app and I tried it quickly so it could be an option, but as you said the recipe to show next task or deadline does not exist currently in Monday.

To answer your questions :
In my mind it should put forward the oldest task not done and with deadline past/actual/futur, so if there is a task that is it not done and in the past it should focus on this task first and not the tasks with deadlines for toady for instance

Please let me know if I can add some details,

For the moment I will try with a portfolio dashboard with one item = one project that is link with all tasks from the project board, and I will see if a project has some tasks to do in the “statut tâches projet” column (see screenshot below)

Thank again and have a great day,


hi @corentin.dalfarra

Thank you, I agree that this would be the best thing to get. I will see if this can be integrated in our app but it might be a difficult one as the app (by default) looks at one column at the time. In this scenario the app needs to look at a combo (status + due date). Is your due date a date column or the start of a timeline?

Hi @basdebruin

Thank you for your answer, I will go with native features for the moment as I do not have the possibility to get marketplace apps.

I think that a combo could be great, but if the use case could focus on a status or a date it could be a big step in the first place. My column is a timeline.