Formulas - HOURS_DIFF({Check-in (Hour)},{Arrive (Hour)})


I am having an issue with the formula HOURS_DIFF({Check-in (Hour)},{Arrive (Hour)})

when entering :

  • {Check-in (Hour)} = 11:59 PM
  • {Arrive (Hour)} = 12:01 AM
    I got :
    It should give me “-00:02”.

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Hey @carolin-skiply
Considering times are in the same day, the result is correct.

12:01 AM (right after midnight) is before 11:59 PM

Hi @rob

Thanks for reply. I figured that out and added the days… in formula.
Now it’s working.

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Hey @carolin-skiply :wave:

I’m really happy @rob was able to provide a helpful pointer here. Just to clarify, the monday.apps and developers section is meant for questions related to using the API, SDK and No-code solutions to create connections between platforms, or to create monday.apps. While we’d be happy to help out with Formulas too (I myself am a big fan of the Formula colum), I’d appreciate this thread to be posted in the right section :slight_smile: I hope that makes sense.