Time difference between Start date(including time) and End date(including time) in a format of hh:mm:ss

Hello Monday experts :slight_smile:

I have a question related to formulas.

The purpose of the board is attendance management, and my client is aware of the time tracking column. However, they find it inconvenient to click every time, even before and after the lunch break.

I am trying to provide a solution using date columns, automation, and formulas. But, I am facing some issues with the formulas.

The board shown in the image, and the formula used are as follows:
TEXT(DAYS({End date},{Start date}) * 86400, “Hh:mm:ss”)

The issue is that in some items, it displays values like 08:04:60 instead of 08:04:00.

Additionally, I would like to display the calculated value from the formula excluding a one-hour lunch break. How should I modify the formula to achieve this?"

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Hey @davelight,

Can you try using this formula?

ROUNDDOWN(DAYS({Date 2}, {Date 1})*24,0) & " Hours " & ROUND(MOD((DAYS({Date 2}, {Date 1})*24),1)*60,0) & " mins"

Feel free to elaborate a little further if we are misunderstanding :pray: