Formulas to work when the dependent Columns view is restricted for Members view

We Tried to create a Score board formula which is dependent on other columns scores on the same board. But when we restrict the view of some of this columns, it seems the formula breaks as the restriction is considered to be like an omission of column in the Members screen.

Restriction of view is not to be treated as omission of column but as a hidden column available at backend of the member board which allows formula to be connected to such columns for showing the final results. Error example is attached in the video.(Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software)

Eg: If
Column A>>Score 2
Column B>>Score 3
Column C >>Score 3
Total Score= Sum (Column A, Column B, Column C)

When I hide restrict the view of Column A to the Members than the formula of Total score doesn’t work in the Members view stating some formula no XXX missing because of considered restrict view as omission of column in the members view instead of hiding it.


This is the expected (and arguably desired) result.

One solution would be to use “General Caster” app in the marketplace instead of the formula column.

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