Restrict View Deadline Columns

It would be nice to be able to restrict the view on deadline columns, even if it means we have to apply the restriction to the pair of them (status + date). I’m able to restrict the view of every other column on my board, but seeing as my team utilizes multiple deadlines per item with each of them pertaining to a different person, it would be nice to be able to restrict certain people from seeing all the deadlines that do not pertain to them.

Hello, I am waiting for this capability too!
Like aholtzhauer, restricting the view of only the date would be nice, but if it has to be restricting the pair (status + date), that can work too.

This would be my plan B in case the “when status changed to done, remove due date” improvement doesn’t go through (there’s an open ticket here: When Status changes to DONE, Remove due date / date).

What I need is that when I pick a particular Status, the date does not matter anymore (either remove it completely or remove it from view from others).