Free Plan - Item Limit Question


I’m a freelancer and I’m looking for a task management tool.

I like Monday and I believe it will suit my simple needs. However, there’s one thing that is still unclear for me.

The Free Plan starts with 200 items limit across all boards. However does it mean 200 active items, or 200 item creations limit?

Example, if I’m on the 200 item cap, and then I delete/archive one item, do I go down to 199 current active items? Also, does “Completed” items count for the limit or are they considered archived/deleted?

I would love to test this myself and spare this post, but unfortunately I’m still in the 14 PRO trial period and I can’t find a way to skip it, and I don’t want to wait 2 weeks to then find that I need to pay a minimum of 3 seat on the most cheap plan just to have unlimited items.


Hey Antonio!

The item limit is specific to the amount of action items across boards - so once you hit 200 you will no longer be able to create more items. Does this make sense?

Additionally, archived items will still contribute towards the item limit, as they’re still technically accessible.

Let me know if this helps!