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Is there a way to get the full task view like what you get when using the search to be the way tasks open in the board itself? It would be nice to have all that information available when opening the task instead of only seeing updates and having to scroll across to update individual fields.

Board View

Search View

Hey Dimitri,

Good question! At this time, it isn’t possible to format the item in the task view as it is using the search tool. I hear where you’re coming from here and will certainly relay this to our dedicated team internally, incase there are any plans to update the item view in the near future :pray:

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Hi @DCGyptech :wave:

Have you considered using different item views? If you open the item, you can edit to add different view types similar to on a board level. There’s one called ‘Item Card’ that will let you customise which fields are displayed when you open the item and can tailor the information you’re met with.

Give it a try and let me know if you get stuck! I can always show you :slight_smile:

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I don’t see any way to adjust the Item View anywhere when I open the task.