Fuller tutorials for building apps?

Hi all, I just heard about the challenge and want to take part but was wondering, is there a more fuller tutorial available of how to build an app for Monday or is it only this Hello World app to get us up and running?
I mean for building board views and widgets!

Also, I’ve seen previous challenge winners, but it wasn’t clear how those apps integrate into a customer’s board view. They seemed to be isolated apps - just how it appears on the video.

I would love more insight into how external apps blend in to the Monday.com boards / items once installed by the user. I am new to Monday as well as being new to the developer portal so apologies if these guides are there!


Hi @Sade, welcome to our community!

Great question. We also have the World Cloud board view, as well as the Online Docs board view starter codes available.

While there aren’t tutorials attached to these two apps, definitely feel free to play around with the code and utilize it as a starting point.

To clarify, board views are essentially a different way of viewing your board data. If you don’t have one yet, I would definitely recommend signing up for a developer account to play around with this feature.

Here is our definitive resource on board views too, in case you were looking to learn more.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns at this time.

Helen, thank you so much. You’ve pointed me to resources I hadn’t found so far and were maybe harder to come across in any case. Will get started now and come back with any questions that might come up!

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