Future recurring items in workload view

Hi everyone,

I’m working with an agency who often has recurring tasks (such as optimizing an ad campaign).

Is there a way to show the workload of recurring tasks that will be created in the future?
The goal is to look ahead and determine the workload in the future, so we know how much capacity we have left.

ClickUp has a similar feature (you can see it here)

As far as I’m aware of, there’s not native feature. Any suggestions for a workaround?



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Hi @patrick7 ,

We have an app in marketplace - monday.com: Apps Marketplace, which let’s you schedule recurring tasks on per item/task basis. As a part of the app, we also have a calendar view, which shows which tasks will be created datewise. I believe this can address your usecase.

@yash I did see your app, but it doesn’t seem to have the functionality I’m looking for.

Hi @patrick7 , can you please elaborate on what exactly is your requirement, maybe we can incorporate that in the app. You can either reply here or also reply on yash@superworkday.com

@YashGarg Please let me know what is unclear about my initial question and I’ll happily add more info

Hi @patrick7 , I meant when you checked the app and did not find the functionality what you were looking for, is there something specific you need or you need the whole feature like in the youtube video you added above.

I don’t feel like you read my initial question :sweat_smile:

Okay, I got it now, it is more about estimation rather than visual. Sorry for that

Hey @patrick7 - we have built out this kind of structure for a few clients in the past. We typically build out a separate “pipeline board” that is auto populated based on the frequency reoccurrence into the future (X weeks/months). We then manage the removal of these entries based on the creation of the actual tasks in a separate area in monday.

This way you get the current and future/estimated workload along with your actuals that you can combine into a singe widget.

Hope this helps!

Does that mean you set the frequence as a status column, rather than in an automation with the trigger as ‘Every X days’ → Create item?

Your workaround sounds great.

Hi @patrick7 - yes correct, we utilize a status column with the desired frequencies (weekly, monthly, etc) then use a series of automations to push out the dates based on the selection.


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Thanks. I appreciate you sharing this!

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