Gantt export to excel heading issues - help!

Hi, I’m new to Monday and Gantt charts and was hoping someone could help me please. When I export to excel it is duplication the headings in column A in brackets. On the lines when it’s not duplicating in brackets it’s tacking ‘undefined’ on the end of the heading.

If anyone knows how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated.

Milestone 1(Milestone 1)
Milestone 2(Milestone 2)
Milestone 3(Milestone 3)
Go / No Go Decision Point(Go / No Go Decision Point)
Milestone 5(Milestone 5)
Milestone 6(Milestone 6)
Go / No Go Decision Point(Go / No Go Decision Point)
Milestone 7(Milestone 7)
Milestone 8(Milestone 8)
Milestone 9(Milestone 9)
Milestone 10(Milestone 10)
none - 1) Joining Length
1st Draft Completeundefined
Draft Reviewedundefined
Content Draftundefined

Hi @Priscilla,
I am having the same issue :woman_shrugging:
I can’t see any comments, has any one assisted you? I would like to know how to fix this.
Thank you :blush:

Hi Mesure,
I am facing the same issue.
What I see is that in some cases the duplicated text is marqued as “undefined”
I am dealing with a lot of elements as if the undefined concatened the word.

If you go into the gantt setting and switch the label to none, it should remove the duplicated name. It will then export with the word ‘undefined’ but that is an easy fix. In excel find ‘undefined’ and replace with blank. Hope that helps!