Gantt Widget View of Resources


I am trying to create a gantt widget view to plan our staffing resources and the tasks they have been assigned across multiple boards.

We have a Staff Assigned column set up as a dropdown at the subitem level in each of the boards. But where the same member of staff is working on subitems across the two different boards. They appear separately instead of rolled up under one heading.

In the screenshot below, you can see 2 Groups, Project 1 Test and Project 2 Test and these are in 2 different boards. The view is then grouped by the Staff Assigned subitem which is present in both Groups. But Person 1 who is assigned to the 2 separate projects in different boards appears as 2 separate lines in the gantt and we want this rolled up into 1.

Is it possible to show the staff subitem under 1 line?

Hi @IanPeters ,

You can get everyone’s assigned responsibilities onto one line if you use the workload widget on a connected dashboard. It’s not exactly Gannt, but will help you plan resources and can include assigned subitems etc. from multiple boards.

Give us a shout if you need a hand! :slight_smile:
Team Easy