General Caster - From Formula to Date

Does General caster works with date given with a formula?

My objectif is to put a deadline on a date calculated depending on the numbers of person working and the number of hours.

I already have a column with the calculated date. I want to use general caster to import the value on a date column. When i try it gives me “ivalid date”

Thank you very much!


It may have to do with the way the date is formatted when calculated in General Caster.

Have you tried casting the formula to a Text Column? See if that gives you the date you want first, then we can troubleshoot further.

Hey @PierlucD
Please take a look at documentation on how date must be formatted.

I solved it! This is what happend

If my formula column, wich calculated my due date, was referencing to another formula column general caster was’nt able to retreive the data.

So i had to do multiple general caster to retreive data from certains formula columns so that my calculated date column was calculted with number column only.

There’s another issue though.
Because i have 20 general caster thate modify 20 column every time i change a column it uses 400 actions and slow down my board. (@rob if you have a solution for that it would be great!)

Sorry for my english by the way haha i’m french. :slight_smile:

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In fact, is there a way to do a formula wich include other formula in it?

Let’s say I have these columns:

 - A delivery date
 - Number of hours
 - Deadline date (there is multiple deadlines - because of multiple steps)
 - Number of people on certain steps

For the sake of the exercice, let’s say i have 3 steps. I want a timelime on each step depending on:

 - What is the delivery date
 - how long a steps takes depending of this formula - (numbers of hours / 8) / number of employe
 - Then depending of the longer of the step make a timelime
 - Repeat for the other steps depending of the previous timelime.

I don’t know if i’m clear hahaha.
Thank you for taking th time!

There’s no way to optimize it.
It’s the way works. Every time a column changes General Caster is triggered.

@PierlucD glad to hear @rob was able to help!

Let us know if you have any questions for our team :smiley:.


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