Get data by last updated

I’m interested in doing a sweep over all data items of interest in a periodic manner.
In order to be efficient, I only want to scan items that were created / updated since my last run.

I’m not seen this possible on most (maybe even all) types of GraphQL queries.

Any tips before I basically replicate some of the data on my side and manage this?
(which will be very silly since I’ll need to count how many results I have and offset my request with a page number, far from ideal).

Hi @ohaddahan,

Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, you aren’t able to submit an ‘updated since’ value in your request. You would need to manage this on your side if you would like this functionality, however, I agree that it would be far from ideal.

Can you please expand a little bit on your use case? It may be that using monday Apps, you are able to achieve the result you are looking for. monday Apps is able to trigger an action any time an item is updated which may work for your use case.

Hi @mitchell.hudson thank you for responding.
After writing my post I found out about triggers and they can help me cover some of the functionality.
But I still need a way to cover historical data efficiently.

I need to scan for specific content that need isn’t allowed to be posted into a project.
So any new change can be covered by the triggers, but old data still need to be scanned, at least once.