Get rid of Diagram Widget Restrictions

Dear Team,

why it is impossible to add more than 10 Boards into the Diagram Widget?
I have a Group of Boards split by initiatives. For the Management meetings, I have separate Dashboard with Barchart overviews of all Projects. Since the Platform is not allowed me to add more than 10 Boards, I can not customise my Dashboard.
Why it actually make sense to restrict the number of boards?

Thats because you dont have the PRO plan, if you have Standard is 10, if you have PRO is 25.

Even 25 boards is very limiting.

I too don’t understand why there is any limit on boards in any widgets. Dashboard widgets should have access to all boards in any given account. Some people here have hundreds of boards.

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But we have the PRO Plan! I’ve looked. For PRO it is limited by 10, and for Enterprise by 25.
I can not unterstand this policy… we pay 600€ per month! why do we still talk about any restrictions???

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I agree the limit seems very low. Even 25 at pro is small. We’re an agency of about 22 people, quite small, and have about 200 active boards (retainers and/or projects) at a time. Each team member is involved in about 40-50 boards at a time easily, and that’s not even those that may be managers where oversight on about 100+ retainers may be feasible.

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