GPS Location not showing correct location on map view

When using location coordinates in the Location Column. The location does not show u correctly on the Map View. It picks a location adress (nearest house) near the coördinate. Why is this happening? And when can this be fixed?

Do others have the same experience?

I have had contact with Support and gave them al the details. Coordinates give a correct location on Google Maps.

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Hi @Jappa! Hm this sounds a little strange as I haven’t been able to reproduce this behaviour. Can you duplicate the column and/or create a new column, and let me know if this behaviour persists? Similarly, is this happening for all locations that you input into the column?

Hello @BiancaT ,

Thank you for looking after my problem.

Yes tried a new column but it happens all the time. Also on all our different boards.
see the difference in location on Google Maps and the given location on the map in Monday, using the same coördinate (52.24399054633531,4.829359100127455).

And if I copy the coördinate from Monday (that gives a wrong location in Monday), and I put it in Google Maps. It shows the correct location

[Correct location in Google Maps:]

[Incorret location on map in Monday:]


Another example using coördinate: 52.242708, 4.835016

On Google Maps:

On map in Monday:

Thanks so much for this insight - really appreciate it! I’ve shared these screenshots internally with our team to check on expected behaviour/accuracy of our map view. Once I hear back I will circle back here :pray: Thanks for your patience with me :slight_smile:

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Hey @Jappa - thanks for your patience! I’ve heard from our team and they have advised for you to reach out to our dedicated support team via, so that our technical specialists can investigate this. I apologise for the double work here, however they are experts in their field and should be able to take a closer look at this issue - thanks in advance!

Got in contact, but they dont know when this issue will be resolved. So I am left in the dark now… :frowning:

We can certainly keep an eye on any changes to your request @Jappa! You’re welcome to send us a private message (using the community function) with your email so we can monitor its progress :pray: