Precision of Location Column

I have a bunch of items that have locations that are tens of metres apart. Their “address” is a geographic coordinate in latitude and longitude in decimal degrees. However, when these items plot on the Map view, they all bunch up in the same location, 50 - 100m away from where I would expect it to be.

What I’m seeing:

Where these points should be plotting:

Can you confirm the precision of the link between my Location pulse and Google Maps? I know that Google Maps itself can handle precision to much more than I am seeing on my Map View, so I presume it to be an rounding/truncating issue between passing the information to Google Maps. It really looks like is somehow rounding the coordinate off at two or three decimal places, and it really needs to be closer to 5 decimal places for my purposes.

Can this be fixed?

I’ve run into another segment of the problem. It seems that perhaps rather than rounding to a certain number of decimal places in Decimal Degrees, it may be trying to force the coordinate to the nearest road. This isn’t going to work for me. The locations are geographic for a reason, and shouldn’t be snapping to the nearest address–it’s a coordinate I’m looking for, not a road.

Is there any way that this can be fixed? I just want my geographic coordinates to plot on the given coordinate, period.

hey @MSIlydia - to best support when you have issues with the platform make sure to email us at with as much information as possible.

Keep in mind that we do make use of Google’s API. You can compare these coordinates on Google maps to see what is the result that is given.

Thanks, Bradley. I have sent a request to

As I said, Google Maps itself will deal with the locations more precisely than does:

GoogleMaps: (forces it to the nearest address or road):

Thanks for sharing! My team over on support will document it so we can share it with out developers.

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