Group by view in Mobile App

I’m loving the new “group by” feature in board views, and using it to create quick views for our different agile ceremonies - it’s a pretty powerful way to quickly prioritize and reschedule items, as well as providing an over-arching roadmap type view for annual planning.

However, none of my boards work on the mobile app - I often take my iPad with me in the office (it’s a highly portable second screen), or if I have to be offline for appointments, and I can get a lot of work done on it in Google Suite. Without being able to see the Monday boards auto-grouping and auto-sorting however, I really can’t use the Monday mobile app to provide updates; I can’t quickly access the needed line items.

I reached out to support and was told yep, it’s not supported, and nope, we’re not sure when it will be. Can this be prioritized please?

Hello Karen,

I’m just being curious about the “group by” feature you are referring to, a long awaited feature request here, if we are talking about the ability to group by different means board’s item. is that what you meant ? If yes, how did you access to it ?

Thank you !

Hi Guillaume -

Yes, that’s what I’m referencing - and yes, a long-awaited feature! Not sure if feature requests here have been updated with its availability.

Here is how I accessed it - it’s an option on the view, to the right of “Filter”, “Sort”, and “Hide”. And like those I can save the setting to the view.

My first and favourite use case is to create a “by sprints” view and make it the default for the board, so I can easily and accurately put items into a sprint, or drop them to the next sprint.

Just sad this view doesn’t automatically group when I look at it in the mobile app.

Hope this helps,

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Very interesting !
Hope this feature will be available to all the accounts soon :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing the info and hope for you it will be released also on mobile

I believe that feature is currently only available in the DEV product.

So sad if it is confirmed :smiling_face_with_tear: