Group Columns Together

It would be great to be able to group columns in a board. For example, I have an overview board that shows me where each item (project) is at and where we are in our timeline. On this same board, I have columns pulled in through “create an item” automation from our intake board with all of our client contact info (address, phone, email). I would like to keep all of this info on this board so my team has a way to easily contact our client throughout the process. However, we don’t always need to use these columns, so it would be nice to be able to group certain columns together, and then be able to easily/quickly collapse and expand them. Maybe using a carot or arrow icon that floats on top of the group. So it would be click > group expands >> click again > group collapses. Rather than click> select “expand group”>> group expands like the way you would currently collapse a column in

OR! Honestly, even just being able to double click to expand or collapse would be helpful!

I like this idea, it is a little cumbersome to expand/collapse columns.
1 other thing which I’ve found useful for this type of thing is using the ‘kanban’ view to see a summary of items. Or to use the Item view to see more details on an item in 1 place. (since columns tend to take up the width of the screen really quickly!