Group item count

I am being told by a customer that they recently noticed a change where the item count next to each group now doesn’t change with the filters.
The image below shows that the group has 97 items in it, but the dashboard has been filtered and is only displaying 16 items.

Is this a bug that needs fixing or is this intentional? I can’t remember how it was before as it wasn’t part of my day-to-day.

My customer would much prefer it to display the number of items as it makes a lot more sense to him to see how many results are visible after filtering.



Better yet would by 16/97 Items when filtered! So its easy to see how many meet the filter criteria out of how many total.


@Matias.Monday , Mate, I’m giving up on support@monday as I’ve been through 3 different people now and the first asked me to clear my cache, the second said this was “Expected behaviour” and the third just repeated what I told him back to me and gave me a link to the table widget article. Since I know your effective, I am left with no choice but to come to you for help.

I’m sure this is connected to the same issue and I tried to point it out to support also with no luck, The filters haven’t been counting the filtered items consistently correct for months.

I would love to get a response from anyone on both issues.

If you use the filter on the dashboard itself… it flips the script and says showing all of X items. instead of 0 of null items. So I can reproduce this odd behavior.

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