Has anyone actually received their Core Builder certificate?

Recently completed my Core Builder certification, and have not received any certificates, either by email or as part of the Lessonly platform (other than the 3x badges you get along the way). While searching for a solution, I see that a lot of people are having the same issue over the previous few months, since the final exam was updated.

Has anyone actually received their certificate recently? Not sure what to do, feels like I just wasted a lot of money on the platform training.

It’s a problem they should look into. The same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago. I did reach out to Support though and they were quick to help me and I received the email with the certification and was able to post it to my LinkedIn, etc.


Same here - I passed course in November and got an email with a .png image of the cert only. Reached out to support questioning why the certificate wasn’t in the same format as the 3 badges. They sent another email with a link so I could post the link and image. https://community.monday.com/t/re-core-builder-certificate/71035/7

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