CORE Builder Certification

I am having the same problem, the passing score is nearly unattainable! I just spend an hour taking the Final Exam and double checked my answers using the Workbooks provided during the course (which half of the content quizzed upon is not found in the materials provided) and also used Support page to verify my answers (if I could even find the information!), I received an 83.5% and needed an 85% to pass. I can appreciate the goal being for all participants to obtain a high caliber of knowledge from this course, that is why I invested my time and energy it in the first place, but I cannot learn something without being provided the educational materials to do so. the I had high expectations of this course and did not expect to encounter borderline fraudulent behaviors from a company with what is considered a reputable reputation. Also, I am the Project Manager at an organization that began using Monday about a year ago and I use the software daily. Furthermore, I am solely responsible for the build out and continuing implementing of Monday at this organization, which is a multi-million dollar healthcare organization in which I manage all of our projects to include tedious federally funded grant projects. How can I not pass this exam to receive certification yet I can develop the platform, train 40+ of my staff, and specialize it to my organizations needs? Sincerely rethinking my decision to not only take this course but if I should continue utilizing it within my organization.

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I have retaken the exam and screenshot all of my answers while taking and retaking and there are major discrepancies in this exam, Questions are being counted correct on occasions and then counted as incorrect on another occasion.

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I am with you! The quizzes and exams are arbitrary and do not focus on what is essential (I agree with the post above that noted that knowing how many ways there are to do something is not useful).

Like Kimberly I am a highly qualified professional - I have two master’s degrees and a doctorate and I was a college professor for ten years. I know how to learn and I know how to design effective learning materials and summative assessments that accurately test and reinforce learning. The Monday course has neither.

Just one example: the course states that one can either do the course using the videos or the text-based sections of each course module. However, the content in the two is different. To address this, I both watched the video and went through the text materials, taking careful notes on each, and then I read the workbook cover to cover, taking notes on it as well, and then I tinkered around with Monday for quite a while to make sure I understood the material fully. Nevertheless I did not pass any of the quizzes the first time. There was one question on it that was not covered either in the course materials or in the support materials available online, nor was the answer evident after I went into Monday and played around trying to figure it out. Like Kimberly, I had to take screenshots to pass the exam and just keep trying different answers until I happened on the one that the course developers deemed “correct”.

All this means that the course is taking me waaaay longer to do than the time estimates.

I was looking forward to getting Monday certified because I like this platform and find it well-designed. However, this extremely poorly-designed course is leaving a very sour taste in my mouth. For $400, it needs to be better. Period.

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I agree that the core certification experience doesn’t reflect the experience of working with

I passed the final exam but have never received any certificate or badge as a result. Is that normal? Or does it just take a long time to come through?

The course was quite tough but certficates for the individual badges are immediate, so I was surprised that there is no acknowledgement of completing the entire course.

Could it be a glitch or does everyone experience this?


This has been my experience too. No certificate received after completing the course exam.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one. I just started the courses in the past month. My first 2 quizzes were not great. I found the wording of the questions confusing. One example is it wanted me to identify which type of use case is a data repository. The answers to choose from were just project names. No description of what they actually were. I don’t see how we are supposed to choose correctly when we are not provided the necessary information?

Is there a way to go back and take the quizzes again?