CORE Builder Certification

I am having the same problem, the passing score is nearly unattainable! I just spend an hour taking the Final Exam and double checked my answers using the Workbooks provided during the course (which half of the content quizzed upon is not found in the materials provided) and also used Support page to verify my answers (if I could even find the information!), I received an 83.5% and needed an 85% to pass. I can appreciate the goal being for all participants to obtain a high caliber of knowledge from this course, that is why I invested my time and energy it in the first place, but I cannot learn something without being provided the educational materials to do so. the I had high expectations of this course and did not expect to encounter borderline fraudulent behaviors from a company with what is considered a reputable reputation. Also, I am the Project Manager at an organization that began using Monday about a year ago and I use the software daily. Furthermore, I am solely responsible for the build out and continuing implementing of Monday at this organization, which is a multi-million dollar healthcare organization in which I manage all of our projects to include tedious federally funded grant projects. How can I not pass this exam to receive certification yet I can develop the platform, train 40+ of my staff, and specialize it to my organizations needs? Sincerely rethinking my decision to not only take this course but if I should continue utilizing it within my organization.

I have retaken the exam and screenshot all of my answers while taking and retaking and there are major discrepancies in this exam, Questions are being counted correct on occasions and then counted as incorrect on another occasion.