Core builder certificate

I just completed the core builder certification program with a final exam score of 85.30 which it had said was the minimum score needed to pass. Upon completion it says the path is complete, but there’s no actual Core Builder Certificate issued like there was with the badge certificates. Is that something that will be issued soon?

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Hey @ldscott716!

Would you be happy to send me a private message via community with your email? I will chase this up for you :pray:

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Same issue here. Did the Monday team ever get you your certificate?

Hey Devon! I can look into this for you! Are you able to send over a direct message with your email? :pray:

I had the same experience today. Just passed with a 90%.

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Looking into this for you Sarah :pray:

Hi Bianca,

I ended up receiving an email with the certificate a couple of hours later. I think if that is the process for the final certificate it should state that on the final page. That would clear up a lot of confusion, since you receive all the other certificates immediately.


I appreciate the update Sarah and your feedback! The team have clarified that the certificate can take some time to generate and send, and I will request that this is stated from the outset. Please let me know if you run into any further problems :pray: