Core Builder Certification

The Core Builder Certification training does not cover all aspects of the exam and then you set a ridiculous pass mark of 90%.
I have tried really hard to pass at 90% but this is not working…
I only have until the end of the month to pass and really this requirement is ridiculous unrealistic.
What else can I do to try and pass this?
I am being frustrated and demotivated!

Hey @JonathanS! I am really sorry to hear this and understand how this would be frustrating. Please let me follow up with the relevant team so we can help support you here! Once I get a response, I’ll circle back here for you :pray:

Hey @JonathanS! Would you be happy to direct message me your email so our team can get in contact? :pray:

I followed the same certification program.

In general the course is very poor. Poor content. Lots of typos. Tons of links referring to the dev documentation that are dead, because the dev documentation was completely revamped and nobody took the time to update them.

All the exams need to be revised. Besides the fact that some questions are really stupid like “How many ways are there to delete a board item?”, they are most of the time obsolete because the interface has changed since the exam was created (buttons gone, terminology changed, etc.).

Finally when you complete the exam, you can’t go back in. So you don’t have access to the very limited content that you might have found interesting.

Considering the course is not free, not cheap, it is really disappointing.

Hi @GCavin! This is really disappointing to hear, and I sincerely apologise that the course is not up to the expected standard. Thank you for sharing this feedback - it is extremely important for us to hear this. I will share this directly with the relevant team now, and hope that we can make the necessary changes to improve the overall experience :pray:

Hopefully it will have a positive effect. Just to say, we are asked to provide feedback after each exam and after each course (about 15 times during the course :smile:). I obviously did make the same remarks. Never received any comment nor feedback (and I completed the course 3 months ago)…

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Understood and again, I apologise that you’ve had this experience! I can confirm that the relevant team has been informed of this feedback, and I will do my best to ensure this is escalated accordingly!