Have tasks in Monday function as email threads

If I’m receiving emails from clients on a board, I want to be able to reply to their email and keep the conversation within the context of the task/email thread. I see I can create an integration to have the emails land in the Updates section but only if I add the reply-to email address as an email column in that task. And then I get all new separate emails from the client contact ending up as Updates in a task related to a previous task/email thread.

Otherwise, all replies to emails come in as new tasks.

Just trying to figure out how to use this as something like a support response tool.

Hey there! It sounds like you could add an Email Column to your board so that you can put the email address corresponding with the item/task in that column. Then, you can apply an integration recipe like the following:

This way, that item’s Updates Sections will only have emails logged from the email address you specify in the item’s column.

What do you think? Would this help?