Log incoming emails or existing email threads in email & activities app

We use Monday.com to keep track of all of our projects and of incoming shipments and suppliers. Most of the communication with external partners is via email, however I find the logging of email conversations within Monday Board items still not really functional. Using the bcc address for creating updates works quite well for outgoing emails, but it is not capable of recognising email threads and it cannot log incoming email replies. The email and activities app at first seemed to solve our problem, however I find its functionality and integration with the complete Monday app frustratingly limited. Things I really miss:

  • There seems to be no way to log an incoming email to the Emails & Activities app when it is not a reply to an email that was sent from the app in the first place. In reality, this situation happens often and I can’t understand why this functionality would be missing. Simply using an item specific bcc address to couple email conversations to that item would suffice but I cannot find this option.
  • There is no central view that synchs with gmail and that allows for smooth integration between checking your email and managing your projects. What I want to do is check my email and reply to every mail in a dedicated Monday.com view and when the email is about a project running on some board in Monday.com, I want to be able to couple it to that item in that email interface. Emails that are not coupled to items should be private, those that are should be made public.

I would recommend Monday.com to check out the email integration of Pipedrive CRM. I consider that one almost perfect. Working daily with both Pipedrive and Monday.com, it frustrates me to see that Monday is so far behind in email integration. I consider this essential in any workflow management system.

Hoping for improvements coming soon, I want to end by saying that I recommend Monday.com to everyone and that I really love the platform overall!

So true. Email integration is, to be blunt, awful. We’ve been exploring additional tools (e.g., Gmelius) but it’s hard and potentially inefficient to integrate another tool. Monday should really take care of this in a thoughtful, robust manner.

The key is to be able to share all emails relating to a project with everyone working on the project, irrespective of whether the email sender included everyone or not, and to be able to treat the email as a task, assign responsibility for follow up, and close it out when it’s done.

Same frustration here. The emails and activities app only seems to log replies to subjects created via Monday.com. We have raised this issue several times with the monday.com team but we haven’t received a timeline for when this could be solved.

I’ve not even got that far - I can’t get it to log any replies at all!