Gmail Plugin/Add-on for Monday's 'emails and activity' tab

Hi there,

Is Monday considering creating an extension for Gmail so that emails sent, received and replied to within Gmail i.e. outside of monday, are still tracked within monday under the ‘emails & activity’ tab. I love the fact that we can track when emails have been read, viewed, how many times etc within monday, but it would be really beneficial if this function was available for tracking those emails sent outside of Monday.

Many thanks for your support and feedback in advance!


My warmest welcome to the community! Thanks for reaching out with this suggestion.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, you could indeed log all of your outgoing emails to the Emails & Activities plugin autoamatically, bu this would depend on a setting in the app:

That said, we do get feedback about a Gmail plugin for, and I’m happy to pass your requet along to our product team as well.

Last, but not least, I’m also going to move this topic to a different section within our community, as it seems more of a feature request related to using as a CRM. In the monday Apps & Developers section, the discussion is focused to using the API, Apps Framwork or 3rd-party solutions like Integromat or Zapier in order to boost the efficiency of

I hope this all helps!


Hi Alex,

Thanks for all your support and help! At the moment I have selected the first option (Automatically log all my outgoing emails from Gmail/Outlook into Emails and Activities Timeline). And I can see all emails & replies under my contacts nicely.

The question really is; When I send messages from Gmail (not monday) there is no tracking available and you cannot see when the recipient opened the message or how many times etc. This is what I’m after… A plugin/extension to ensure tracking is possible on all emails, regardless of what platform you sent it from (in my case GMail).

Thanks for passing the feedback onto the product team - it would be amazing if we had this feature available!

Another vote for this function here - it would be a game-changer for us!

Has there been any updates from the development team on this feature request? We’re moving from HubSpot (probably) and not having the ability to just send email directly from gmail is a pretty big step backwards. We love so much. Even a clunky work around where each individual deal had a unique email address that we could bcc to get some sort of tracking until a Gmail plugin or extension can be made. Please consider!