First email becomes item, all replies handled in email & activities or place in "Updates"?

I have set up GMAIL integration for a support board. The first email lands in the top level group and our agents can from there reply to this email in the email & activties tab.

When users reply to this email, it lands in the top level group as a new item → “Re: same tittle as before”.
Is there any logic in Monday that allows me to keep the conversation in the same item, either as an update or in the email & activities app?

Hi @bobman97!

Can I ask if you could instead use this integration recipe?

Screen Shot 2023-03-30 at 1.46.40 pm

It will require you to have the email set up in the email column however this way all correspondence can be logged in the updates section.

Alternatively, you could simply set up the emails and activities app to log all correspondence - you’d just need to ensure you’ve configured your settings correctly:

Let me know what you think!