'Updates via email'

We use the ‘update via email’ when we send out emails and added as a BBC. The response may come from a different email that we then reply to with the BCC added in again.
In the Updates area it only shows the response and not the communication that we received from the initial sent email. This results in a disjointed update trail.
Anybody else struggle with this issue and how to work around?

We did look at the ‘Emails and Activities’ but again emails come back from a different email address and also the initial sent email address can be active on many deals so the ability to add email responses would result in it appearing in several deals?

Any other better methods of handling emails in/out?


Hey @abonsey,

Given your situation, I do think the emails and activities app would be most suited for you - particularly as a central space to manage incoming/outgoing emails with contacts. I understand you’re sending an initial email across multiple deals, however to combat these email responses appearing across several deals you can simply filter the app to only show item-related emails. Does makes sense? Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood!

Would something like this help in your case?

Unfortunately the Email and Activities App fails to meet the needs.
We send out emails the are BCC’d with the pulse string from the Updates area so it’s added o the job in Monday.com
That email can then be forwarded at the customer end and even renamed slightly before coming back to us with a response.
If we then REPLY back to that new email address and again and the pulse string to the BCC we fail to see any of the earlier dialogue from that email. Emails and Updates App would not add the incoming email to the job as it’s from a different email address, and maybe slightly altered subject title.
If we FWD the email back to the incoming address and manually type that address/addresses along with the pulse string BCC’d then we get to see the previous email dialogue. But people mistype email addresses from time to time!
What we need is the REPLY to show all the previous dialogue as it does with the FWD action.
Our updates within a job make no sense as we don’t see the previous dialogue :triumph: