Have you ever used monday sales CRM?

At Elevate22, Josh took us through monday.com new CRM product and explained that with the CRM there are quick, no-code, low-code fixes so that you can adjust things to your business needs whenever you need. One major benefit of monday.com CRM is that it adjusts as your business evolves, any time you need to deploy a change.

What do you think? Have you tried using monday CRM before?

  • Yes, I love it!
  • I have but not so sure how to use it
  • No, but now that I’m hearing more…
  • Not really

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We use the Monday CRM and love certain aspects of it, but also have some big issues (that have been reported) and it seems like fixes or new development has been really slow as far as any new updates around Emails & Activities.

A new and improved V2 of Emails & Activities was announced back in March in Monday labs - but since then, I think the only update to that tool since them was announced in this blog post from April.

I have asked about road map and have been told they are working on addressing issues and new updates, but it seems like updates have been few and far in between. Can you share any plans for new features or update the tool going forward?

Here are a couple of the biggest issues would would love to see addressed:

  1. Board specific Emails & Activities settings
  2. Is it possible to multiple users use the same email address/account to send emails to customers

It would be great to know what (if any) features are coming in the next quarter or so!


Is there a video or link we can get to see? I did watch the event, but I don’t remember the new CRM.

Hi @Julietteb,

Welcome to the monday community!

Yes, I have been using monday CRM for quite some time and love using it. Indeed, monday CRM adapts as businesses evolve over a period of time. To make the most of monday CRM, I would recommend using monday CRM integrations.

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Sorry for the late reply… you can rewatch all elevate content online. Here is the video on CRM… https://www.elevate-monday.com/media/t/1_279obvlh. You can also check out the product booth on the website.Elevate 2022 by monday.com

Great feedback! Going to pass this along!

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Hi @Julietteb in need to know how to make invoices on Monday CRM,
there is some video to learn of this particular feature?

Hey :slight_smile: happy to jump in here and answer your question. Please see the doc here. Let me know if you need further help etc.
:heart_hands: Elke


Hi, i seen that information and i think this could be obsolete, so i must ask again if this features have been optimized (about the process of making invoices):

  • We have to type “manually” the items for the invoice? There is no way to prevent manual typing errors? There is no feature of connection to another board to search and select “ITEMS FOR INVOICES” previosuly codificated to avoid this errors?

  • The invoice needs to be downloaded and then send via email to our clients “outside” of Monday.com process? There is no way to send a email with an attached pdf on a file column to a client in a email column automatically? All this process needs to be done manually?

  • There is a traduction for changing the invoice parameters to our language? i mean spanish?

I have made this comments previously about many months ago as feedback to the paysaro app, and they have implemented improvements to that.

I must say that in this case we are a few steps below.

Thanks , waiting for your comments.

Hey Christopher!

We actually just released new cool feature for Emails&Activities - here is my update about it.

Regarding the issues that you refer to:

  1. Our product team is aware of the challenges for using Emails&Activities in different workspaces, we are currently investigating how we could address and solve it in the best possible way.

  2. This is in our roadmap! Can’t promise you any specific ETA but hopefully this feature will be released in this quarter.

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Hey Hernan!

Thank you for your feedback! For now most of the processes in Quotes&Invoices should be done manually but we know how important this feature is so we are gathering all the feedback to make sure we will adapt this feature to our users needs.

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Thank you so much for that update @Olga - it is super appreciated!

Thanks, for a very small business maybe you can quote using this way (manually), but for medium business, we need to get items from a certain stock, and this have to be automatically gathered from another boards of items for quotes.

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow at 11am EST we are having an event all about our sales CRM hosted by monday.com sales CRM lead product manager! You will learn all about why this product was created, how you can use it, and get your questions (like this one answered!) You don’t want to miss this. Register here!