Help - Add ONLY UNIQUE Rows from Google Sheet to Monday Board

I am hoping someone can make a suggestion here…

I have a simple ZAP with a slightly unique demand in it.

Goal: ‘Add New Item to Monday Board’ when ‘New Spreadsheet Row is Added to Google Sheets’

It is single column spreadsheet (automatically pasted), and it will commonly have DUPLICATED and that is the issue. I would only want UNIQUE rows to paste.


Missing Files:







Output I hope for:




I thought I was smart and figured it out with the Zapier Filter option to do “only continue if the value ‘DOES NOT EXIST.’ But now I realize that just means that it would be blank.

I am thinking there are a few ways we could do this - could anyone help and make a suggestion - it would pay off greatly as we enter ‘CyberMonday’ and this task it automated!!



Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 7.10.24 AM|690x416

Hey Todd!

There isn’t a way to check if an item already exists with Zapier, at least on the monday side.

However, perhaps you can implement this logic by checking if the row already exists in your Google sheet. I found some Zapier actions that will return the spreadsheet row that matches a specific column value:

You can add this to your Zap’s flow, so that it only proceeds to the action if the row doesn’t already exist in the sheet.

Something like this:

  1. New row is created in sheet
  2. Find spreadsheet rows that match the name. If more than 1 row is found, don’t proceed
  3. Create the item in

What do you think?

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