Using Zapier to update a google sheet from Monday boards

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently trying to Take data from a Monday board with multiple columns and values and have when a row is updated from Monday then go and update the google sheet which I know works.

When I go into Zapier I have to do each row line by line, is there a way that’s universal to tell the option in Zapier to not choose 1 row but all rows ? and if any of the columns get updated from Monday board to update inside of the Google Sheet?

I hope I’ve made that make sense

From the image attached, Lets say I want to change a status from Milestone and the status changes from City and Utility I want it to reflect in the Google Spreadsheet (This I confirmed worked!)

However we have probably over 100+ line items and I want to create a Zap that would accommodate all of the rows without having to go by each row in a zap in Zapier and make multiple zaps.

Is this possible does someone understand what I’m trying to do?


hi @jamesb33

Not sure I fully understand the use case. There is no bulk update available in the API, it’s all item by item. If you want to change multiple items you should be able to multi-select those items and make the change. This will call you ZAP for each item that is changed. Does that make sense?

I basderbruin, Yes I believe I undrestand the issue.

So in order to have each row and column updated I need to create a Zap for each row ? is that my understanding

Thank you

hi @jamesb33

You only need one ZAP that get called on a change on every column

One ZAP based on a change from monday any column will generate a change in a google sheet is that right?

mmmm… don’t know your exact use case. In general: when you have a service (Zap, Make, own developed) that listens to events from monday, each column change will generate that event. The event data structure contains the boardId, itemId etc. and with that your app can update monday through the API (or ZAP modules).