Help For an API for parse email Data

Hi All!

I need your help.
I’m new to Monday.

Let me explain, I have a form on Wordpress which, once filled in by customers, sends me an e-mail with the various information inside.

First name

I’d like to be able to retrieve the data in the e-mail, associated with each heading, and automatically place them in a Board Monday.

Could you help me or give me some tips on how to set this up?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi @Raph_24

Welcome to the community and thank you for using this platform to ask and consult.

Your question should be answered soon by one of our community members of the technical team.

Mean while I’ll wish you gooday :slight_smile:

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Hi @Raph_24 ,
Make is indeed an excellent solution for automating the process of transferring data from a form on WordPress to a board.

Make is a powerful integration platform that allows you to connect various apps and services, including WordPress, email services, and, to create automated workflows.

As a complimentary, here is our magic link to get 1 Month Pro plan free (10,000 operations):

For further implementation details kindly connect us:
MSquare Support
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Hi Raphael,

Our API can help get your data into a monday board!

API Documentation

Head over to our API documentation for a detailed look at our API, including a list of the operations to get and update data from your account.

Webinar: for builders

You can also check out our API webinar here, which goes through some API use cases and basic API calls.

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