Help needed with nesting multiple statements IF, OR and RIGHT

I’m looking to round some numbers, but only if certain conditions are met, so I cannot just use ROUND.
Case: time spent by our supplier is in 15 minute increments (displaying as .25 and .75), but when we want to charge it on we want to round up to the nearest half or full hour. The formula I have now is: IF(OR(RIGHT({Time spent},2 = 25), (right({Time spent},2 = 75)),{Time spent} + 0.25, {Time spent})

In plain language I want to achieve "if TIME SPENT ends on 25 or 75, I want to add 0.25 to TIME SPENT, otherwise I just want to display TIME SPENT in the rounded column. I (mostly) understand how to sue the individual functions, but when it comes to nesting multiple, I tend to loose the plot a bit.
Might be a stupid syntax error or I’m going about it all the wrong way… Any help is much appreciated.

Hi @CasparMS,



Hi GCavin,

This formula was not selectable in the column selection list, but some googling taught me there are quite a few “hidden” formulas that you can use, even though not in the list.
The correct syntax with which I got it to work is

MROUND({Time spent},0.5)

Other than that PERFECT! and thanks for your help.