Help on setting up for Approval Process

Hey @mpm0rgan, we don’t have features specific to approval on the roadmap for this year at the moment, but I’d love to learn more.

To make sure I’m understanding correctly, you would be looking to have teams be able to give approval, maybe by having team-level column permissions? Or was there another feature you were looking for in terms of approval?

I’d be happy to pass this on as feedback.

Yes! It’s a solution where groups can review and approve a document (or send back to be fixed or simply ask a question). There are three groups that need to approve. When all three have approved, then another group can give final approval. Within groups, it does not matter who approves. I am surprised to find that this is not a commonly requested functionality.

Hi, I’m also looking for a way to add team approvals into Monday. My Branding + Communications team often shares drafts of graphics, videos, articles, etc. for 1-8 other members of the team to review. I’d like for each team member to either provide feedback or approve and have a status column not show as Approved until all requested team members have approved it.

We currently use Approvals through Microsoft Teams and it has almost the same functionality I’m looking for.

Is there a way to automate this as much as possible? I don’t want to rely on Status Updates and manually tagging every team member. Thanks!

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Hi @karlygallis :wave:

upstream can help. We have a great deal of experience in high level automations and communication within the platform.

You’d have access to our dedicated teams, including our Solutions Engineers and our full stack Dev Team that specialises in integrations and custom requirements. We’re also Platinum Partners, APAC Partner of the Year for 2020 and Preferred Partners so a safe and knowledgeable pair of hands.

Feel free to drop me an email via or book an informal chat/discovery meeting with me here if preferred. No obligations, of course.

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Peta Bolger - upstream

Our company is fairly new to Monday but one of the first things we did was set up a project request process. It is a Monday form that feeds into our request intake board. Based on internal reviews of the submissions we then either approve the request or deny it.

If denied, the reason for the denial is sent back to the requestor using automations.
If it is approved, it is sent to the project prioritization board through automations.

The tough item to solve for was the linked ROI worksheet we require be attached to each request. There is no way to send that attached spreadsheet to the prioritization board attached as it was in the intake board.

Our solution was to create an automation that wrote the URL for the file to the Update for the work item as soon as the new item was created in the intake board from the form. Now when a request is approved and is sent to the prioritization board it has the URL embedded in the Update area so the team doing prioritization can pull up the ROI spreadsheet and review it as part of their consideration.

Once a request is prioritized to pri 1 or 2 we assign a PM and they are notified via automations. They then create a project board for the work item.

Currently I am working on the best way to mirror back a status to the priority board from the project board. I do not want to use the Status column as there is no summary for that column to report the overall project progress. I am looking into a number column that mirrors % Complete. Will post back here if I can get that working as desired.

Anyone look at Page Proof integration?

I can not find anything in community forum re:

I’m looking into this right now! Trying to figure out best practices for proofing using PageProof and keeping everything in sync with my monday subitems.

Do you have any more feedback or thoughts on PageProof yet? Our team needs help managing asset approvals, and I was looking into this as a potential option.

We moved forward and are using it now. I’m pretty happy with how it integrates into, and my team is glad to have additional markup tools. I’m happy to discuss further if you want.