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Hi All–I work in the food and beverage space where one of the things we struggle with the most is artwork/packaging creation. R&D, Quality, Regulatory, Marketing and Legal departments have to weigh in on artwork in two different phases: (1) Creation of a label brief and (2) Review/approval of artwork.

Label Brief - A document that captures important food packaging information as well as marketing claims. We work on a document in SharePoint so it’s version controlled, but don’t have a good mechanism to let people in the review process know when it’s there turn to review. Further, we would like to have a ready mechanism in where someone can “reject” and the document goes to a previous reviewer to make modifications.

Artwork Approval - After the label brief has been created/approved, the designer will create a draft document which needs to go through a sequential review as well. This is usually don’t by passing a PDF around by email with each team member “marking it up” with comments. We’d like to mirror a similar process to the label brief creation here and manage it with tasks and “approve”/“reject” logic. Is there any kind of workflow that might help here?


Hi @bstanh,
I have kind of same need for approval workflow. In my case I want to distinguish between creator(s) and reviewer(s). I have setup some automation based on two status columns where the creator can choose “Pls review” status. The reviewer can use the other status column to push the document to bronze, silver or gold status and assign back to the reviewer (or declare it final). This works good except that you can’t restrict editing to a column based on a name in another column. See also this discussion: Help on setting up for Approval Process

Thanks for the response. I should have clarified the user roles we too would like to have–they’re very similar to yours. It’d be creator, reviewer, and approver. Are you happy with your current sequence?

Kind of happy. At this moment the only way to restrict column editing is by entering a “hard” name, I would love to see that you can restrict column editing to person(s) named in a person column. As entering a “hard” name is too much work for me I now have a situation the an editor (creator) can review her/his own document. I can share my workflow with you if you want.

I’d love to see the workflow, thank you!

I use 9 automations to move documents based on status and review status. I attache 3 screenshots:

  • the documents board itself
  • 2 screenshots with automations

If you can think of a better solution I love to hear :slight_smile:


@basdebruin This is awesome thanks for Sharing!

Just in case somebody has the same requirements. For editing and reviewing documents my board is setup with board permissions (only people in Owner(s) column can edit). Then I have 2 other person columns: Author(s) and Reviewer(s) and two status columns, one that holds the document status (assigned, working on it, for review) and a second one for the review status (wait, pls review, to bronze, to silver, to gold).

When the document status is set to assigned the people from the Author(s) column are copied to the Owner(s) column and the review status is set to wait. So, now only the authors can edit the item. When the author sets the doc status to for review, the people from the reviewer(s) column are now copied to the owner(s) column and the review status is set to pls review. The reviewer can now edit the item and can set the review status to bronze, silver or gold - depending of the quality of the document. In case of bronze or silver the document status is set back to assigned and the cycle starts again. Finally when the document is 100% ok the reviewer sets the review status to gold.

Next to setting the status, the document will also be moved to the bronze / silver / gold groups in my board depending on the last review. This is all done in one Integromat scenario which is triggered by a monday webhook automation. Send me a PM for more information.

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