Strict workflow / process / blueprint - to follow

An Admin should have the ability to create a “workflow” or “blue print” (call it what ever you like) in a board, for all the items to follow and we should be able to control all automations that happens in the board according to this workflow. Pretty much like Jira`s workflows, Zoho’s Blueprints.

We should be able to control how one item goes from one state to another, for example if My Statuses are “In review” “Approval” “In Progress” “Done”, one item should not be able to go from “In review” to “In progress” without going through “Approval”. Also we should be able to force the filling of a field before changing to the next Status.

I guess that is already being implemented with the upcoming “Workflows”. Hope the feature gets released soon, though. Once Monday becomes more complex in a team, it’s pretty easy to get lost amidst the automations.

Hi @Admeirel,

What do you mean be “upcoming workflows”? is there an announcement about this?

There was an announcement in the middle of 2022 in the Facebook community page, then it was more or less shown in the Elevate 2022 monday conference as a new feature for 2023.
Probably it will be available between the end of Q1 and Q2 - but that’s my hope!

@Julietteb, @CXS, @CSG, @BiancaT any info about this?