Status Done PER GROUP - automation to move row to next group

I have set up a flow of around 14 tasks, and each task is current assigned to a group. Each task is an action in a workflow, so task (group) has a possible To Do, In Progress, Done action.

When the actions in group (task) 1 are completed, the row should get moved to group (task) 2, and I have an automation to set the Status back to To Do when the row lands in group 2. That’s fine, and working as expected.

I can’t find a way to set an automation that when the activities in group 1 are complete (set to Done), then the ticket is automatically moved to group 2 (the next task in the workflow). The status is reset, but I can’t bump the ticket automatically from group N to group N+1.

In effect, I would like the Done to be per group, not overall across the whole board. I don’t mind that the row has To Do, In Progress, Done and then gets closed in the current group and reopened when it hits the next group. I just can’t see a way to set an automation like this:
When group is X and status is Y then move the ticket to group Z

I have already got When an item is moved to group X set status to Y [i.e. set to To Do], and that is fine.

Suggestions please.

HI @Rutty

Welcome to the community. Out of the box all automations apply to every item in the board (so in every group). There is a possibility to create an integration app that checks which group the item belong to and move the item to a defined group (and possibly reset the status). If you use a sentence like: When group is X and status is Y then move the ticket to group Z you will need to setup such an automation a number of time (N-1 groups?) on a board. I don’t think this one is too complex to build and I am happy to build one. It will bare a price as I need to maintain a server on the internet, cost estimate for such a custom integration is 49 Euro per account (as many groups / boards) as you want.

Is this something you want to explore further?

Hi @Rutty - Welcome to the community. How many groups do you have to deal with? We often use groups + Statuses to move tasks through a board.

hi @Rutty

I have created an app that does exactly this (and a little bit more). The recipe sentence like this:

and off course you can build further:

I call this app “Status Controlled Groups” as setting the status (in my example to “Done”) advance the item to the next group and reset the status (in my case to “Assigned”). I am wondering if you want to beta test this one while I am finishing documentation and register the app for the marketplace.

I am also wondering if you (or other people reading this) wants to combine this app with another app that is in early stages. This app will move people listed in one column to another column, based on a status. For example: you can the app described above to move an item to the first reviews phase (=Group) and at the same time you move people listed in people column “Reviewers” to the people column “Owners”. When the reviewer is happy, she/he set the status to reviewed and the item is advanced to the next group (e.g silver documents) and the people listed in column “Authors” are copied to “Owners”. Combined with board level permissions on the Owner column, this will give you a system where authors and reviewers transfer ownership of an item.

Let me know.

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An app called Status Controlled Group is available on 40|Status Controlled Groups - Excellent Team

With this you can transform your group to project / process stages. For example: an item containing a document starts in the group Bronze. When the author (=owner) set the status to Finalized the item is moved to group “Review 1”, the status is reset to Assigned and the people listed as Reviewers are now becoming the owners of the item. The board permissions are set so that only Owners can make changes to the item. When the reviewers set the status to Finalized the item advances to the group “Silver” and the ownership is transferred back to the Author(s). From there on the sub-process starts again until the document is finalized.

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