Help with understanding relation between CREATE and SEARCH item in same scenario


I have a scenario (S1) in Make that triggers based on WooCommerce orders. The scenario first checks if this is a new client (by searching for it on a “Master Client” board) then it goes through a router.

  • 1st path (filter new client) → if this is a new client, it will set a few variables then trigger a separate Make scenario (S2) by using HTTP request (post). This scenario then creates an item on the “Master Client” board.

  • 2nd path has a slightly separate filter and it does almost the same thing as 1st path.

  • 3rd path doesn’t have a filter and is taken after the 1st path is done. Here I try to search for the item created in the 1st path.

So, in theory, the scenario creates an item (path 1) (item has name and email among other info) and then searches for that same item (path 3) (by email). The issue is that it doesn’t find the item, although it was already created on path 1 and I can see it on the “Master Client” board.

Based on random results I found on the forum (related to caching/api) I tried adding a sleep module (70s) to “give it time for changes to take effect” before searching for the item, but that didn’t work.

I think it somehow has something to do with creating an item and searching for the same item on the same scenario run.

Since I have set the scenario’s Number of Consecutive errors to “3”. The scenario will retry on the next scheduled run. When it retries, there aren’t any issues since the item was created on the previous scenario run.

So I guess the question would be: is it possible to create an item then search for the same item in the same scenario run?

EDIT: Added 2 more screenshots for the Search and Get modules.

Bump! I ended up datastores as a workaround, but I’d really still want to know if anyone has any input on this issue.

Hi @CatalinBaciu ,

yes it is possible to create an item then search for the same item in the same scenario run.pls check the input you have given in the search module.

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