create automation that when a new item is created as a trigger for the automation, there is an action Search items in all boards while adding parameters to avoid duplication

Please add an action: “Search Item in all Boards” in the automation recipe options to support the automation that when a new item is created, it will select all relevant boards to avoid duplication.

Here’s an example of the automation recipe:

  1. First, create a new automation recipe by clicking on the Automation button in the top right corner of the board and selecting “Create Automation.”

  2. Choose “When an item is created” as the trigger for the automation.

  3. Next, select “Search items in all boards” as the action for the automation.

  4. Choose the boards you want to search by clicking on “Select boards” and selecting the relevant boards.

  5. Set up the search parameters by selecting the relevant column and criteria to search for. For example, you could search for items with the same name or email address.

  6. Finally, add an “Update status” action to the automation to notify you if a duplicate item is found. You can choose to update the status of the original item or create a new one.

  7. Save the automation recipe, and it will now automatically search all selected boards when a new item is created to prevent duplication.