Hide unneeded fields on item summary

When i click an item on a gantt chart i should be able to hide fields that I do not want other end users to see. For example, if i commit a baseline, update the baseline, and then click on an item on the Gantt. I can see rows for every baseline.

This is ugly as hell and makes using the Gantt to present to leadership/share with customers useless - there needs to be some way to display “clean” views to external parties.

Attached a copy of the pop-up/summary that should be configurable for what information loads on it.

I second this. We really need this feature in my team - so many columns being used for formulas that don’t matter for anyone but whoever is managing the board.

Hi @PMBrandon @toallenlinksquares - you could use column permissions to hide the columns that individuals do not need to see. When the board columns are hidden based on permissions, they will only show in the summary view for those who have rights to view.

Please note, column permissions are only available on the PRO and ENT tiers.

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Hi @mark.anley Thanks for your reply. Whilst this is a great suggestion and not something I was aware of, I’m afraid that I have a big number of columns that are not relevant in the summary view, but is extremely relevant for Analytics. I have found that hiding the column for everyone but me would then mean that any analytics widgets would also only appear to me.

Hi @PMBrandon - yes, the column permissions filter through to all objects so if they to see metrics in one view and not the other this wont work for you. My only other suggestion would be to place the analytic columns to the very right of the board, that way they would need to scroll down to see them.