Historical Stages data


Is there a way to retain and analyze historical date from Stages in the CRM. I need to track the Stages history of opportunity in order to see at what stage do we lose our deals but as the stages change dynamically I am unable to rack the opportunity cycle.

Any tips?

Thank you

Hi @Kate.Kaladeen !

I think there are a few ways that I could help you with your situation! I have a few ideas but can you give a screenshot of the board that you are working on to help me better understand your situation?

Thank you!

Thank you very much for your reply, not sure if the screenshot will be visible.

What I am trying to achieve is the visibility into stages prior to stage Lost to be able to analyze at what stage we have lost a deal and address any issues that might contributed to that. I am right now using the status column for stages and a formula column to assign a probability to each stage. I am able to track how many days a deal stays in a particular stage but I can’t see a history of stage journey with each deal. Any ideas?


Thank you @Kate.Kaladeen !

From what I can see your groups may be representing the phase of each lead.

What you could do is a slight re-work of your board automations by adding another column that represents that phase like this:

What this allows your system to do is use this automation to help you 1. move items to groups without having to manually do it. 2. Have a criteria to filter with/see that analytic on when they were lost. 3. set a workflow for others to follow.

The automation that you would put in place would be as follows:

To see it in full action on how it would work watch my super short loom here!