Holiday/Blackout days in Timeline/Gantt Views


I am looking for the functionality to block off days on a Employee’s schedule for both personal days and “blackout days”. I envision this being something the individual would do in their Profile that would then inhibit anyone from scheduling items/subitems to them on the days they have marked as “Vacation” or “Blackout” days. The need for the vacation day scheduling is I believe self-explanatory. The “Blackout” days would be used for instances where the employee needs to be offline or has recurring monthly/weekly priorities they attend to on those days hence they cannot get to any other tasks.

For example our web programmers have offline days where they get into the weeds coding, and our SEO Specialist has 2 days a month where he does reporting and auditing of the clients we manage.

I would want them to be able to set these days in their profile as stated, then if someone tried to schedule a task on their list during one of those days it would not allow them to schedule said task. Instead the person doing the scheduling would get a note that the employee was unavailable that day, or it would automatically schedule for the next available day - something like that.

Is there something like this in place already - does anyone else have a need for this or a workaround that has been working? Let me know! Thanks!!

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This third party App is $99/mo! This is way too much for a function that should be basic and included in software. Very disappointed


Agreed, that’s not an option for small organisations, when it should be standard functionality.

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

We are currently providing early access to an app which does all these and more.
Here are some of the features of the app:

:white_check_mark: Built-in holiday checker for most countries
:white_check_mark: Ability to define holidays for users in your account
:white_check_mark: Set non-working days
:white_check_mark: Support for native monday automations
:white_check_mark: Date and timeline support
:white_check_mark: Support for teams holidays
:white_check_mark: And so much more…

To get early access to the app, please fill this form - Date Check - Early Access

Here is a demo of the app in action.

If you have any questions, you can always reach out at

I have this need as well. Please let me know if you’ve found anything helpful while these tools are not yet in place

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This would be hepfull for us to see the bank holidays on a Gantt. On my side i could authorised to have people working on a bank holidays, i just need to detect the bank holidays on the Gantt y having a different colour!

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This feature is a basic requirement of a WorkOS platform.
There should be the ability to both flag and block holidays, visible in both Gantt charts and Timelines by highlighting/greying out.

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It is a few years people asked for this feature but yet there is no sign of any progress, is this ever going to be implemented? Much needed.

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We also need this functionality to block holidays and impact the project effort for each resources; this is a basic function. I am a Microsoft Project and Smartsheet current user and these two software have these features by default without adding an add-on.

Would you please give us an update about this ? This will be very appreciate.


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Hi Samantha

Did you ever find a solution to this need? I have a similar problem where Users either work a short week, or short days e.g. working 4 days a week 9am-2pm

Thanks for any assistance

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Dear everyone,
Could we also put energy towards having the ability to black out weekends, as not everyone works on weekends. Thanks!!! Please go vote and push the topics for these basic features as well. Maybe the Monday team will take notice…

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Hello everyone :slight_smile:

The Date Check app is finally in the marketplace. :trophy:
Here is a popular use case for the app, though you can do so much more.
If you need any help or feedback, you can always reach out to

I haven’t yet. Right not my team has a board they use to track their vacations so it shows up in their My Work. They assign the date they will have off to themselves with the status “vacation”. This doesn’t black out the day, obviously, but it atleast gives the rest of the team a visual reminder when someone is off. Not very efficient but its something.

I would still love to be able to blackout days so things cannot be assigned to an individual during that time.

FYI @Shamika_Khedkar

Why do we need to pay extra money or add third party apps to do something that should be native to the client.

Monday do better.


2 years and still nothing?!!!
We need a holiday calendar for ALL major holidays, not just in the U.S. (i’m from Israel)
this is spouse to be basic! at least let us integrate outlook or google calendar in a way that imports the holidays :confused:

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Hi Everyone,

Just an update here! We want to let you know that we are launching a new feature request process to give you more visibility into our product roadmap. As part of the new process, every quarter will discuss top voted features from the community and give you a status update. With our new process, we are providing more transparency into our future development plans with the community and are excited to share it with you. Check out All you need to know about our new Feature Request process.

As of now, our team is looking into this and it is something we are highlighting for them so they do see your comments!

Any updates on this?

This should be added asap.
We are wanting a similar feature to block out regular release dates/weeks where multiple projects share the same due date. See image attached.

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please also take standard part-time days of team members into account so that part-time days can be blocked

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