Homeschooling during quarantine or otherwise

I’ve been using for our homeschooling efforts during the quarantine and it has worked beautifully! The link below is a video I recorded to show how we decided to lay everything out to meet our family’s needs.

I’ve made additional tweaks since recording this video to accommodate both of us: such as reordering subjects/categories to reflect the order my son normally tackles them at school, and adding a new Status of “Revise Together” for assignments that need revision and where I need to unpack/revisit concepts he may be struggling with.

I know this may not work for all parents, kids, or family situations, but this has added some much-needed sanity and organization to the chaos of having to shift to FT homeschooling as a FT working parent. Hope it helps others as well!

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@LuckyCDR thanks for this! I’ll share with my team to see how we can give it more exposure =D

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