Horizontal scrolling not working (perpetually) when in list view

On a macbook, when on the list view and scrolling horizontally ‘LEFT’ consistently exits the page after scrolling right.

This has to be a bug and is extremely counter-productive. I literally can’t get back to see specific columns and information.

see video here

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Hey Cory,

This certainly sounds strange… Can you reproduce this behaviour in an incognito window?

I also am unable to open the video you sent - are you able to try again? :pray:

I didn’t explain that very well. Here is the process:

  1. I scroll to the right on a board to see more columns (table view)
  2. I then scroll back to the left and the page either (exits page or opens the task within the container that the mouse is in)

NOTE: I’m using 2 finger scroll on a macbook

Video here

Here’s another video that is showing the arrow indicator come up when I’m trying to scroll left using 2 fingers (normal mac gesture.) It shows the page wanting to exit but all I want to do is go back to the beginning of the task.

This happens constantly if I’m using my mousepad on the computer and really disruptive to my workflow.

link here

Thanks for looking into this!

Thank you for sharing these with me Cory! Just to rule out any contributing factors specific to the web-browser, can you let me know if this issue persists in an incognito window? Thank you for your help!

For the quick time I tested on an ‘incognito’ window, it worked fine (using 2 finger swipe gesture on macbook).

Thanks cory! This might tell us that it is a caching issue given it worked in incognito. Can you please try clearing your regular browser cache and testing this once more? Thanks for your cooperation :pray:

I have the same issue than Cory for more than two months and it is very annoying.

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Hi Bianca,

See attached image to see what I cleared to ensure I follow the directive. That’s what I cleared and it’s still catching when I scroll.

I’ve been experiencing this same issue and it’s driving me crazy. I have to use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.

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That’s actually helpful, I didn’t even see that. I guess I’ll resort to that until it’s fixed.