Scroll Bar too Narrow across platform

Scroll bar is far too narrow and should be widened for quicker/easier use.

We created a Dashboard that filters the current tasks from 12 boards. Consequently, the display is multiple pages. It all works fine except the Dashboard View has such a narrow vertical scroll bar (in Chrome and Edge on Windows 11) that it’s impossible to ascertain that it is actually a scroll bar. Scrolling is not accomplished via the Chrome/Edge scroll bar but one inside the Dashboard Frame. There are also several conflicting bars in the area. I tried this in all 3 themes (Dark, Light, Night) and none of them work.

Yes, I’m having issues with the scroll bar as well. I have a trackball type mouse and when I share my screen via Gotomeeting I cannot scroll as the green bar that indicates which screen I’m sharing overlaps the scroll bar. We often share documents for meetings so this is quite an issue for me.

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I am having a very similar issue also with sharing a doc on Zoom. The scroll bar is very thin and I end up scrolling down 1/2 the page. Using Chrome 112 on MacOS 13.3.1.

Yup. New to Monday and the scroll bar is slowly driving me insane.

I agree. It’s especially difficult to use in “My Work.” There are a lot of tasks and boards to look at across my organization and the scroll bar is so narrow and makes it very difficult to really get a good look at your week/upcoming tasks. This needs to be widened for easier UI.

Agree. But I also find the horizontal one way too think and ugly. Poor UI affecting the UX here, surprising for an otherwise aesthetically-minded product.

I’m amazed that this topic isn’t more prevalent! Have Monday got this on their development radar? The narrow scrollbars have been an issue for me since first using Monday:

  • sharing the screen in remote meetings (MS Teams) the red frame indicating sharing mode covers the narrow Monday scrollbar, making it impossible to move down the screen
  • the narrowness of the scrollbar on the lefthand menu makes it too easily to accidentally highlight and drag content around instead, thus reordering folders, boards, etc.
  • as this is a potential accessibilty issue, I’m somewhat surprised this hasn’t been remedied yet.