Scroll needed on saved filter views

Please add a vertical scroll bar to the filter dropdown arrow on boards. I have a Saved View on the “Filter by Anything” button on a large Team board - on the Advanced View I have more than 15 individual filter lines which I change regularly as groups get added and removed. I can’t see any below about the 10th line as if I scroll the whole board scrolls but the filter dropdown doesn’t move. The only way I can update the lower lines is by zooming out the entire browser window and then the font is almost impossible to see!

Hey @VeronicaK,

Is it possible for you to send over a short demonstration of this issue? You’re welcome to send this over a private message via the forum. You can use the online, free tool, to do so. I’d love to share this internally as soon as possible incase this is a bug in the system :pray:

Hi @BiancaT, I can’t use Loom over our work network. But I think a screenprint may explain it - see attached - I’ve circled the relevant bits in red.

I created a test board which has 18 groups. I then created an advanced filter and selected 14 of the groups.

If I need to change those filters or add another one, I can’t see past the 13th line. The board will scroll with that filter dropdown open, but not the filter dropdown itself.

Let me know if this isn’t clear - thank you.

Thanks so much for sharing! I will follow up internally about this for you. In the meantime, can you please let me know if this same behaviour occurs in an incognito window (i.e. private browser)?

Hi Bianca, yes I tried it in an incognito window (using Edge browser which is our default work network browser) - same thing happens.

Thanks for letting me know! I have chased our product team on this, however in the meantime, can you please send me a private message (via community) with your email? If this is a bug, we can get this looked into via our technical support team as soon as possible!

Silly question, but do I just reply to you here to send a private message?

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Sent you a message! You should see a notification pop up in the top right hand corner :slight_smile: